Is your website delivering inquiries and new customers? Are you visible when people search for your products and services? If the answer to these questions are No, chances are your site is in need of Search Engine Optimisation. We are Brisbane-based SEO experts and helped many Brisbane companies grow their business. As a search engine marketing agency, we provide seo packages tailored to your goals and requirements.

Brisbane SEO Company

SEO is an important strategy to put your products and services in front of new customers. We have eight years of proven performance and our specializations is helping companies improve their organic search results. We are a Brisbane based, family owned business and we understand what it takes to make it work. To give you an indication of price, here are our starting packages based on the size of your campaign and the monthly investment.

Our team is experienced in both web design, development and SEO ensuring that the site not only gets the traffic, but the design and flow of the site ensure the best opportunity for new inquiries.

Why SEO is so important and how it can affect your business?

SEO is a long term project that requires constant attention to develop results, there is no quick fix. The first part of the campaign is a building process and traffic will increase in the 3-8 month mark. The reason is that Google simply does not allow a website to magically jump to number 1 and needs to see a long term commitment to being relevant for the specific keywords that make up your SEO package. Relevance is built by us into your website through coding and external linking. We have to do this every month as Google re-crawls your website every month to assess changes.

It is Essential to have a well thought out and effective strategy surrounding SEO.

You need a trusted Brisbane SEO expert. You need the advice and knowledge behind your SEO campaign to ensure that your beautiful new website is seen by those customers you want, those customers who are going to buy from You.
Our SEO specialists use the latest ‘white hat’ techniques to help Your business make it to page one of the search. Our experts will develop the most effective and productive methods to take your business to the top of Page One and online success!

Our SEO Process


The TPR media team will crawl over your website and identify on-site SEO issues like on-site content, redirects, technical issues and many more.

Diagnostics / Error Checking

  • 404 pages
  • The TPR Media team in Brisbane are experts in handling 404 pages. They create a new content that’s relevant to the existing link.

  • Blocked robots.txt
  • Our team in Brisbane is knowledgeable and experienced use the robots.txt that tells the engine not to crawl the important information available on the site and make sure to maintain the confidentiality.

  • Redirection errors
  • Our SEO team follows the common practice to redirect one URL to another by using the best practices in order to maintain the SEO value.

  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • We check the content very carefully to prevent duplicate content issues. We follow the best strategy for content writing, which makes our content fresh and new.

  • Faulty Backlinks
  • TPR Media ensures to build high quality backlinks to move your site to top of the Google and avoid the niche based sites. We take utmost care to prevent faulty backlinks.

On-site Analysis

  • Site Crawlability
  • We use the best tools to estimate how the search engine robot will crawl your site. We make sure that it begins crawling from home page to each and every page in the site.

  • Site Speed
  • Our team of SEO is knowledgeable about the tools and techniques to improve and maintain the site speed which is the essential factor for Google ranking.

  • Site Architecture& Internal Linking
  • We take care in building the SEO friendly site architecture by giving the correct internal links to the page. We make sure that search engines see the content and list pages in their massive keyword–based indices.

  • Structured Data Rich Snippets
  • TPR Media team is experienced to provide on page structure data that enables search engines to better understand the information on your page and increases the page authority and trust which are major factors for the best ranking of your page.

  • Html Meta Tag Optimization
  • We also provide the HTML tags like Informative titles and descriptions on the head of the page which are visible to search engines. These tags provide the information about the data on your page.

  • Image Alt Tags
  • Our team includes the best images in the articles and give the ALT tags to strengthen the search engine spiders and increase the accessibility of your website.

  • Page Speed Analysis
  • TPR Media uses the tools and techniques to make sure that the pages in the site load faster in order to prevent page bounces ad negative impact on the indexing

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Our team is dedicated to provide a mobile friendly site that can be easily accessed in smart phones and tablets. We follow all the tactics to increase mobile site traffic also.

  • Content Optimization
  • TPR Media team is dedicated to give an optimized content that will create relevant, engaging content that will help you increase SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and boost conversions.

Keyword Analysis

We use the best tools to analyze the content, extract keywords, check the text, conversions, sales and traffic optimization by evaluating the keywords ranking.

Local SEO

    • Local Citation AnalysisTPR media is well known for its local citation analysis, which include local company name, phone number, address & link. We check and make sure that all the above mentioned attributes are included in a citation
    • Google My Business page auditTPR Media provides the Google My Business page audit to ensure that the business address is listed correctly in google maps and link to your authoritative website from your My Business Page. Our audit includes the following steps :
      • Locating the proper Google My Business page
      • Finding and Destroying Duplicate pages
      • Creating Non- Penalized Local Listing
      • Is the correct Business name used?
      • Is the correct Address used?
      • Is the correct phone number used?
      • Ensure Proper Category Association
      • Check for valid E-mail and URL

These are some factors included in an efficient My business page Audit

  • Social Media Optimization
  • We have an efficient team for SMO who are knowledgeable about all the techniques to increase the social media presence that helps to improve your site’s organic search results.

  • Google Console Account Set Up
  • TPR Media facilitates its clients by setting up the google console account. We make sure to set up a Google console account for every project we undertake.

  • Blog & Content Strategy
  • Our team follows a professional strategy in blog and content writing. We make sure that the content which we give is error free and not duplicated one.

  • Competitor SEO Analysis¬
  • We make sure to perform the initial competitive analysis to identify the SEO targets and provide input to establish your overall strategy.

  • Link Building & Link Earning Strategy
  • We are famous in Brisbane for our Link building and link earning strategy. We use different links for different tactics to build a link and improve the traffic. We also search for best links and use them for link building.

  • ROI
  • Our main area of focus is the ROI (Return on Investment). We make sure to meet the client’s requirements and give the best result and give value to your money.

  • Google Penalty review
  • We conduct a Google Penalty review at regular intervals to identify the decrease in traffic of your website and make it gain the ranking again. Some of the popular penalties of google we deals with include Hummingbird update, Panda, Penguin.

  • Monthly / Weekly Reports
  • We prepare Monthly / Weekly reports which include the details about page ranking, tactics, link building and content.

  • Support & Reporting
  • TPR media offers 24/7 support for all your SEO related problems. We also have a team to report about errors or faults in the content or other SEO strategies.

Why use TPR Media?

After 7 years in a very competitive and every changing industry. TPR Media are well known within Brisbane and Australia for being SEO Expert’s with attention to detail and delivering on great rankings. As an SEO company, we stand by our performance and ongoing customers that have grown with us since the start. Form more information on getting your website ranking on search engines please contact us today.

SEO Packages

We offer a variety of packages dependent on your goals, be it optimising for a local coffee shop. To optimising a national retailer in highly competitive industries. Once we have received a brief from you on your goals, we will go away and research your industry and prepare a quote for you with multiple options.


$ 600

Per Month

  • 5 Keywords
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Link Building
  • On Site Optimisation
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Proven Methodology
  • Monthly Reporting

StatewideMost Popular

$ 1500

Per Month
  • 10 Keywords
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Link Building
  • On Site Optimisation
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Proven Methodology
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 3500

Per Month
  • 20 Keywords
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Monthly Link Building
  • On Site Optimisation
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Proven Methodology
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 5000

Per Month
  • 30+ Keywords
  • Custom Campaign
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Custom Research
  • Monthly Link Building
  • On Site Optimisation
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Proven Methodology
  • Conversion Optimisation Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting