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Is your website delivering enquires and new customers? Are you visible when people search for your products and services? If the answer to these questions are No, chances are your site is in need of Search Engine Optimisation. We are Brisbane-based SEO experts are we are here to help. As a search engine marketing agency, we provide seo packages tailored to your goals and requirements.

Our team is experienced in both web design, development and SEO ensuring that the site not only gets the traffic but the design and flow of the site ensures the best opportunity for new enquires.
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Your Google™ search ranking has replaced

a yellow pages listing, sandwich boards, and letterbox brochures. Businesses with a poor search ranking struggle at best, rarely seeing online success. You want your business to show on page one of your customers Google™ search.

It is Essential to have a well thought out and effective strategy surrounding SEO.

You need a trusted Brisbane SEO expert. You need the advice and knowledge behind your SEO campaign to ensure that your beautiful new website is seen by those customers you want, those customers who are going to buy from You.

Our SEO specialists use the latest ‘white hat’ techniques to help Your business make it to page one of the search. Our experts will develop the most effective and productive methods to take your business to the top of Page One and online success!

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Why SEO is so important and how it can affect your business?

SEO is a long term project that requires constant attention to develop results, there is no quick fix.  The first part of the campaign is a building process and traffic will increase in the 3-8 month mark. The reason is that Google simply does not allow a website to magically jump to number 1 and needs to see a long term commitment to being relevant for the specific keywords that make up your SEO package. Relevance is built by us into your website through coding and external linking. We have to do this every month as Google re-crawls your website every month to assess changes.

Brisbane SEO

How do I get started?

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SEO Keyword Analysis

Firstly we need to look at creating a list of Keywords or keyphrases that are relevant to your products, customer demographic and location of the business. This is where we work closely with you and through years of proven experience in this skill set, help you compile the list.

SEO Keyword Competitive Analysis

Keyword competitiveness is the next stage. We then take the list away and look at the current competitiveness of the chosen keywords within Google. Simply, the more competitive a keyword is, the higher the cost will be to get it to number 1 on a Google search. So it is a juggling act with your budget and the list of keywords that we can include. We always try to have a mix in the list.

The signing of the contract with performance guarantees is next with the first month paid to activate the service.

SEO Content Optimisation

We now take a look at your content (Text) on the site and re-write it in a very crafted way to include as many keywords as we can without diluting the message. This is a skill in itself and as most customers buy with their eyes we can get away with a bit of repetition in most cases. The text is then given to you to read and you must be happy with it before it is placed into your site.

We then start adding and changing the code in the invisible part of your website. To the customer nothing has changed abut to Google it is as if you have lit a signal fire. Over the next few months we code and re-code every month and keep a close eye on your rankings giving you monthly ranking reports so that you can also see where your website is ranking and watch it slowly rise to number 1.

SEO Google Analytics Monitoring

Every quarter we look at the ranking figures and also look at your Google Analytics figures. A meeting is then set and we look at converting leads to sales through the design of the site. The figures tell us where to re-design the site and what pages are causing potential customers to click off the site.

 So it is a holistic approach and is not just about rankings. If your business does not attract more sales or receive more enquirers as a result of our SEO packages then we are not going to be able to keep you as a customer and grow with you. That is our aim.

We are pleased to provide referrals  who have used our SEO packages to generate leads for their business through their website. You can speak with them directly to hear just how much our SEO packages have improved their business.

Not only are our customers only to happy to speak on our behalf, but we offer a serious guarantee on our work, that’s how committed we are.

The TPR SEO Guarantee

SEO-Guarantee-smallThe TPR SEO Guarantee

We guarantee to rank 50% of your key phrases on page one of within 12 months or we will work for free until we do. It is true that no one can guarantee page 1 rankings, but what we do guarantee you is that if we don’t meet our guarantee we will work for free until we do. Just for the record… we have exceeded our guarantee on every single campaign!

For more information on our SEO plans please contact us, we can tailor a plan to suit your budget.

  • All SEO campaigns include:
  • A dedicated Account Manager which you can contact directly
  • Page 1 Guarantees
  • No Set Up Fees
  • Experienced Team based within Australia

For more information on pricing and a free audit and quote. Please contact our team or call us direct on 1800896 599, no waiting no delay!

Why use TPR Media?

After 7 years in a very competitive and every changing industry. TPR Media are well known within Brisbane and Australia for being SEO Expert’s with attention to detail and delivering on great rankings. As an SEO company, we stand by our performance and ongoing customers that have grown with us since the start. Form more information on getting your website ranking on search engines please contact us today.

SEO Packages

We offer a variety of packages dependent on your goals, be it optimising for a local coffee shop. To optimising a national retailer in highly competitive industries. Once we have received a brief from you on your goals, we will go away and research your industry and prepare a quote for you with multiple options.

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