Is your website delivering inquiries and new customers? Are you visible when people search for your products and services?

If the answer to these questions are No, chances are your site is in need of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). TPR Media are Brisbane based SEO agency, providing specialised valuable help to our clients. This resulting in the continued growth of their business. We provide SEO packages tailored to your goals and business requirements.


It’s all about Visibility, Traffic and Conversions!

Brisbane SEO Company

SEO forms a vital part of your online business strategy. TPR Media has over eight years of proven performance and our specialisation is in helping companies improve their organic search results.

It’s our understanding of the constantly changing rules and the demands presented by Google that provides our clients with the confidence to know they will see their desired results.

An effective SEO strategy incorporates; web development, web design, and content wording to provide the relevant traffic to ensure the best opportunity to generate new enquiries.

Why SEO is so important and how it can affect your business?

“SEO is a long term project” is a phrase you will hear from any SEO expert, this can seem to be a cop out, however this is the truth. There is no direct, predictable timeline that can be applied to a campaign.

The first part of any campaign is a building process, both visual and behind the scenes. Ranking and traffic will improve well in this first three to eight months.

It is from here where the real hard work must be maintained, Google does not provide a secret avenue to Position One on Page One. It is the long term commitment that will see the consistent performance of each key phrase.

We build relevance into your website through coding and external linking, this done on a regular basis. This will give your site the best opportunity to keep rankings as Google rechecks your site on a monthly basis.

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Since 2009, TPR Media have worked hard to boost Australian Companies to the top of Search Engines like Google.

It is Essential to have a well thought out and effective strategy surrounding SEO.

You need a trusted Brisbane SEO expert. You need the advice and knowledge behind your SEO campaign to ensure your website is seen your target markets, the customers who are going to purchase your products/services. We apply the latest White Hat techniques to assist your business in marketing it to page one. We develop the most effective and productive methods to achieve and maintain page one for your key phrases, this is our measure of success!

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Some Answers To Popular SEO Questions:

  • Will I be just a number like larger firms?
  • No our team of skilled and experienced professionals develop a direct relationship with you and your business. It is the approach that sets TPR Media apart from our competitors.

  • How do I understand all the figures and statistical data?
  • We will teach you to start seeing trends in the business figures and how they relate directly to your income and turnover.

  • How do I know what is going on with my campaign?
  • You will receive a monthly report and every 3 months we sit with you to go over not just your SEO figures but your business figures to see where the holes are (If any) and plug them to maximise turnover. We also provide you with your own personalised access to our online reporting system, where you can see your reports and monitor your business performance.

  • How long does SEO take to get me to the front page?
  • This depends on the competitiveness of your industry and its size on the web. You will be very surprised at how easy it may be to get you there or you may be investing in SEO for a year before seeing real business results.

  • What is the cost roughly? – PER MONTH –
  • For a small local business
    From $600 – $900
    For a large local business
    From $900 – $2100
    For a Statewide business
    From $1200 – $2500
    For an East Coast business
    From $2100 – $3900
    For Australia Wide
    From $3901


A small business with a unique product and a smaller nation wide market will not fit into this model so this is a guide for a general business style setup.

Why use TPR Media?

After 7 years in a very competitive and every changing industry. TPR Media are well known within Brisbane and Australia for being SEO Expert’s with attention to detail and delivering on great rankings. As an SEO company, we stand by our performance and ongoing customers that have grown with us since the start. Form more information on getting your website ranking on search engines please contact us today.

SEO Packages

We offer a variety of packages dependent on your goals, be it optimising for a local coffee shop. To optimising a national retailer in highly competitive industries. Once we have received a brief from you on your goals, we will go away and research your industry and prepare a quote for you with multiple options. To give you an indication of price, here are our starting packages based on the size of your campaign and the monthly investment.